What are Non-Woven Fabric Shopping Bags


Non-woven bags is  fashion bags now , has the characteristic with  lightweight , environmental protection, moisture protection , breathable, flexible, fire-retardant, non-toxic and non-stimulating, recyclable and other characteristics, is internationally recognized to protect the Earth’s ecological environmental protection products.
Nonwovens bags products using ink printing, nice, vivid colors, non-toxic tasteless non-volatile, more environmentally friendly than ink printing clean, fully meet the modern environmental requirements. Nonwoven shopping bags including the nonwoven  tote bag , nonwoven D cut bag , nonwoven vest bag and so on .Can be used for shopping , advertising, gift bag etc.

Convenience: non-woven bags are solid and durable, and Golden Nonwoven produced by many non-woven bags can be folded, when not use it and  folded it  up, it is  a good “art” . In addition, because of its solid good, you can use many times, greatly facilitate  our daily life style .

Affordable: non-woven bags of reliable quality, the price is  very user-friendly, enjoys popular support. As a supermarket disposable shopping  bags,  not only environmentally friendly,  but also unreasonable, and now the supermarket plastic shopping bags are based on one-time use. Using  non-woven bags can be recycled ,.

Media: non-woven bags of the production process is very well  can made  as any sizes ans any shape of the bags.  Many advertisers use  the non-woven bags  to start advertising. Economy and affordable, and not only a simple publicity wide, and the persistence of advertising is also nice .

Aesthetics: As a environmental protection bags, non-woven bags manufacturers developed non-woven bags has diverse shapes, to meet people’s demanded . Pp non-woven  raw material is suitable for printing, so now the non-woven bags are basically a can be called “art” bag. Produced bags of different styles, meet to the peoples.